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Read on for answers to top questions, including:

  • “What is Tidom?"
  • “How Does Tidom work?”
  • "Is Tidom a Scam?"

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What is Tidom Inc

What is Tidom Inc?

The name “Tidom” is derived from a combination of two words: Time and Freedom. That’s because Tidom is all about helping people achieve absolute time and money freedom! Tidom is an online business that can be ran from anywhere. It’s actually the first online franchise-like system! It is created from a proven “Business License” model that allows individuals to learn, connect with peers, enrich their lives, and re-sell digital products.

Our product packages focus on business and personal education training modules, videos, and audio tracks about a comprehensive range of topics. Members receive daily and weekly motivational messages, as well as education on internet marketing, website building, SEO, and video editing. There are also meditation tips, health and fitness modules, Law of Attraction fundamentals, and much, much more.

How Does Tidom Work?

Tidom is a franchise-like, internet based “business in a box” model that anyone can easily incorporate into their lives. The program includes many training modules on personal growth, health and fitness, motivation, meditation, and internet marketing techniques. The ability to generate executive level income is achieved by selling one of the 5 packages above.

There are multiple product packages to choose from, so you can select the one that best fits your lifestyle. Options include an all in one marketing system that offers “done for you” resources. This allows members to automate the process to earn MORE while working LESS.

How Does Tidom Work?

Resources include:

  • Automatic tracking software
  • Websites and web hosting
  • Lead capture pages
  • Sophisticated email auto responders
  • Call center automation
  • Four methods of earning income
  • Instant income machine activated after first sale
  • Mentors
  • A large support community

Is Tidom Inc a Scam?

There are lots of questionable business opportunities out there, but Tidom offers something significantly different: Legitimacy and Transparency.

First, though, let’s discuss what Tidom is NOT:

  • Tidom is NOT a Scam
  • Tidom is NOT Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Tidom is NOT Network Marketing
  • Tidom is NOT Cash Gifting
  • Tidom is NOT a Pyramid Scheme

Next, let’s review what Tidom IS:

Tidom is an online licensed business which allows you to re-sell digital products and make 100% commission – plain and simple! You can learn all about Tidom from our webinar, which details exactly how it works, and what you need to do to obtain results. Tidom makes it clear that individual results will vary, and those results depend on how much effort you put into your business. Interested people can select from multiple different packages to get started, and spend as much or as little time and money as they like promoting their new online based business.

The majority of the work is automated, so you can just plug into a system that is already in place. Some packages offer a proprietary system that markets for you, with a call center that qualifies the leads before sending them over. The call center can also close the leads and then pass the income along, so you can earn money without doing any additional work. There’s a whole team of callers to take care of everything!

Who Is Tidom For?

Tidom is for anyone who is tired of the employee “Rat Race”, anyone who wants to fire their boss or anyone that is tired of the status quo and in need of a better life! Tidom is for people looking to live a entrepreneur lifestyle that provides flexibility, an awesome support community and the potential to make executive level income on a part time basis. If you’re tired of working as hard as you do for as little as you earn, then take the first step below...

Webinar Testimonials*

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Discover the #1 Online “Franchise Like” Business That You Can Run From Anywhere
In this webinar we’ll reveal these 3 Amazing
Wealth Building Secrets:

Secret #1:

Why discovering an online business is the ONLY way to build a lifestyle where you’ll be Free and why the BEST way to do it is plugging into an Online Franchise “Like” System.

Secret #2 :

How an 84 year old makes executive level income in his first 30 days with NO marketing skills, with ready to go products, even though he hates selling.

Secret #3:

How you can start part time a few hours per week and get to having all your monthly expenses paid for so you can do this business Part time in only 30 hours a week and start with no money out of pocket.

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Read Real Tidom Reviews:

  • "If you think about all the things you do in your life, if you take an hour out of your life, and the worst thing that happened is you learned about a new way of doing business that could change your wealth, your health, and your mental state - would you do it? Well let me tell you, this webinar is probably one of the most powerful investments you can make in your life."*
    Corporate Executive - San Clemente, California

    ─ Corporate Executive - San Clemente, California

  • "It really is a business in a box - a done for you system, where all you have to do is plug in, very similar to a franchise. And being in this industry for over 8 years, I have never seen a business model with, really, a step-by-step, cookie cutter system. And to me it’s been amazing and transformational, not just for myself but for anyone else that has plugged into this business model."*
    Sales Manager - Seattle, Washington

    ─ Sales Manager - Seattle, Washington

  • "Attending the webinar was well worth my time...what it's done for me in my life in the last, say, month or so is life changing. I went from $0 to where I've now made $40k in the last month - and I don’t even know what I’m doing yet!"*
    Senior Citizen - North Central Wyoming

    ─ Senior Citizen - North Central Wyoming

  • "The initial time I spent watching the webinar was the best 90 minutes I spent watching anything on the internet, and it taught me how to make 35k bucks in my first 6 weeks."*
    Finance Executive - Vancouver, Canada

    ─ Finance Executive - Vancouver, Canada

  • "Since attending the webinar - my first year I made a little over a million dollars, and I’m on pace to do that again this year."*
    Senior Citizen - Minnesota

    ─ Senior Citizen - Minnesota

  • "I’ve made $53,000 worth of sales since attending the webinar…I’ve been able to make more money in a month than I made in a year as a preschool teacher, I’ve learned skills that I’ll use for the rest of my life."*
    Preschool Teacher - Denver, Colorado

    ─ Preschool Teacher - Denver, Colorado

  • "I originally watched the webinar about two months ago, and as of today I’ve made about $40,000. The webinar is fun, it is informative, and it is going to give you everything that you need to know if this is the right fit for you or not."*
    Sales Manager - Seattle, Washington

    ─ Sales Manager - Seattle, Washington

  • "My life before the webinar was pretty much excruciating pain. I would 14 hours into my cleaning business, I have 3 daughters I wasn’t spending any time with whatsoever, and I just needed to change my life. My life after the webinar is unreal… I’ve been in the business for five and a half months, and as hard as this may be to believe for most people, I’ve made over a hundred thousand dollars."*
    Small Business Owner - Seattle, Washington

    ─ Small Business Owner - Seattle, Washington