Did you know you can leverage all those 5 star reviews you received with a video production company? Our video marketing services include live interviews with experts to set you up as the market leader in their local area. . The video will then be placed online on Google, cementing your influence as an authority on what your business is selling. Our aim is to highlight your brand and especially local business owners who are struggling to make an impact amidst a tough economy and tougher competition.

Before creating a video, we will collect information that can make it unforgettable for your target consumers. This includes why you are unique in the marketplace, how people search for your business online and what they are saying about you across the web. The video will be created remotely using Zoom software. The interview will discuss what issues customers have to contend with when they are searching for specific services or products. This will be followed by solutions your brand can give them that can alleviate their concerns using an online video marketing solution that your viewers will not forget anytime soon.

Make a Splash online with Expert and Targeted Video Reviews

The program is specifically for businesses that are in the growth phase and are dependent on a fixed marketing budget. We can tailor our video marketing efforts accordingly without compromising the impact of the message that is to be delivered. Of course, you will get complete exclusivity to the videos which basically means you have complete control of when and how it is posted online. You can place it on your website, on a Facebook page, tweet about it onTwitter, run it on YouTube or make it a part of your LinkedIn profile.

Your online reputation is EVERYTHING, and if you don’ take advantage of the traffic you get, then you’re losing out on a huge opportunity. Expert interview videos can give it the boost it needs to create an indelible impression on target consumers and make you the leading authority in your marketplace.

We use only the best in technology and videography to conduct interviews so you can ensure the resulting video will have crisp images and sound quality. That’s not all though. Once we are done, we will also train you on how to use the latest technology available online that can help you increase sales and make a lasting impression on customers. Video production is not rocket science and our expert interviewers and videographers know how to make videos that will remain memorable.