If you want to connect with clients, website visitors or potential customers on a personal basis, then you need a video marketing company backing you up. Increase Your Profits Internet Marketing Solutions will help you create brand recognition with the use of quality video marketing solutions that help you connect with your following instantly. However, we don’t stop there. We look at your particular needs to create a customized package that will wow prospective customers and increase your conversion rates.

Our intention has always been to ensure that our clients receive measurable and predictable results that can turn casual browsers into fans and eventually into loyal customers.

If you want to ensure this scenario, you need to pay homage to the king of content – video marketing, particularly video optimization. If done right, even a few seconds of online ‘air time’ can result in a large number of leads and better customer engagement overall. No one has the time to go through a long and boring video when they are searching for something particular. Besides getting frustrated, they may even convince others to ignore your brand.

Targeted Video Marketing Solutions

This is where we come in. For example, we know that online viewers find short and sweet videos easier to comprehend and digest compared to words. This shift from article content to video is significant and has changed the face of marketing as we know it. Unfortunately, this has also increased the price of video marketing services, leaving the small business owner by the wayside.

Our years of experience has allowed us to create packages that will suit your budget and video requirements. This includes strategies that will reel in viewers such as:


Live Expert Interviews – Exposé Commercials – Audio Expose Commercials

We have a video optimization and branding plan that includes live video interviews with people who are experts in what you are selling. Once we shoot the video, it will be placed on Google so it will remain accessible to your current customers, business associates and potential clients. Such videos are quite effective at transforming businesses into trusted authorities on their brand, services and products which today’s informed consumer cannot resist.

Review Commercials

Customers and businesses only wish to do business with companies that have a good reputation. We have helped a number of businesses dominate their local market with the help of Review Commercials and placing them on the first pages of Google. These 45-60 second professionally produced advertisements are refined with the help of SEO, branding, and reputation marketing, etc. Once these videos go live, your business can stand head and shoulders above the rest as the one with the best reputation.

Client Remote Caputure Video Testimonials

Capturing client video testimonials remotely is an amazing way to get 3rd party endorsements of your happy customers or clients and is completely hands off for you. We meet with your customer or client online and capture their testimonial of your business and professionally edit the video so you and your business look amazing.

Video marketing is the king of today’s content and Increase Your Profits  knows how to leverage it to deliver you more clients, customers and sales.