Let’s face it, the website has been replaced with what we call the Sales Funnel. This is basically your marketing funnel and represents the journey that your customers take when they want to see what you have to offer, make inquiries about your products and then purchase what they need. That is the customer life cycle i.e. the steps a customer takes from the time they become aware of your brand’s existence till the moment they actually make a purchase.

Note that we did not say ‘by the time they land on your website’. Maybe they saw your business at a show, read about it in a blog or Googled something and found a listing for your business. That’s when they really enter the sales or conversion funnel! Most of the time people will become aware of you before they land on your actual website. The process is made up of stages that starts with a lead and ends with a sale or a buying customer. At IYP Internet Marketing Solutions we have the SEO experience, knowledgeable sales personnel and industry experience to help you:

  • Find qualified leads to funnel as many prospective customers into your sales funnel as possible
  • Increase the number of people going down the pipeline and ultimately increasing your sales.

Start Attracting More Customers the Right Way

In order to ensure you get the right customers and increase your number of sales, our search engine marketing experts will help you create and deliver content that can drive relevant traffic through your sales funnel. With our SEO services, we increase your online visibility in order to ensure measurable growth that will benefit your company’s bottom line.

Before we start, our SEO engineers will provide a detailed picture of what your business needs to do to increase online visibility, where there’s room for improvement and which processes are hurting your reputation. This will be done through an SEO Audit which includes:

  • Extensive analysis to pinpoint the best keywords
  • In-depth research regarding relevant industries to identify revenue generating targets
  • A sales funnel template based on your customers and brand needs.

Like all of our strategies, our sales funnel techniques are the products of extensive research based on contextual business goals. Each is prioritized based on current marketing trends and the sales impact they might have. So if you want to streamline your sales funnel into a revenue generating machine, then IYP Internet Marketing Solutions will not disappoint.