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No one knows search engines better than Search Engine Marketing experts. Even if your Adwords is on point, you might still overlook some aspects of your SEO efforts that can compromise your site’s rank. This is where local search engine optimization companies such as Increase Your Profits Internet Marketing Solutions come into the picture.


Why do you need an SEO Company?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that scans your website content, structure, code or meta elements to determine how high it ranks on search results and its potential for growth. Sure you can add in a few relevant keywords to give it a small boost, but only experienced personnel from an SEO firm can ensure your reputation will skyrocket beyond your expectations. It’s a simple formula. Higher rankings = More revenue. This is easier to understand when you realize that almost 70% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of search results during a keyword search. We can help you get front and center of your target customers with targeted SEO efforts such as:

Place your Business on the Map with Local SEO Services

If your business is dependent on customers that are geographically close  to  your actual location, you must have been told that you need local SEO services right? This involves creating reliable signals around a location or a series of locations. You see, Google loves local businesses and has a long history of providing tools that can make even a small mom and pop store the star of a neighborhood. These include Citations, Analytics, Webmaster tools and other software, but only SEO experts experienced with local SEO can leverage them to their full potential. This is different from organic SEO efforts since they rely on marketing content rather than on a brick and mortar location. Speaking of which…

Increase your chances on online success with Organic SEO Services

As the name implies, Organic SEO improves your website's visibility via organic or unpaid search results. These are strategies that can boost your site’s reputation on free search listings on Google and can even be used to optimize your website with geographic intent. For example, let's say you are in La Mesa but would also like to rank in San Diego, this SEO strategy would be the way to go! Before you say that both local search engine optimization and organic search engine optimization are practically the same thing, think again. In a way, local SEO and organic SEO are quite similar but they are displayed differently online. We use strategies that help us leverage the best of both worlds to ensure your company, products, and services receive the full treatment on online platforms.

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