Did you know you can position your brand as the market leader and get more customers at the same time with promotional video production? Review commercials can make your business a market leader and IYP Marketing Solutions can help you in that journey.

If you have a small business or growing business then you probably cannot afford an expensive SEO, social media, video, reputation and branding campaign all at once. No need to go over-budget. We can help you dominate the local market by creating Review Commercials and making sure they get ranked on the first page of Google. Besides being a surefire way to get your business noticed, the commercial will cement your brand’s reputation among one of the most reputable companies in your market by combining all 5 of the above strategies into one .

How Can a Review Commercial Help Branding Efforts?

A review commercial is a 45 to 60 second long, professionally produced online commercial that will make your brand more prominent online. Since we have the leveraging power of social media, SEO and Reputation Marketing, the video we create for you will have all of the ingredients needed to remain an online success.

According to our observations, 70% of viewers pick up their phones to make a purchase if a commercial impresses them. 65% who watch such commercials said they would refer the business it was advertising to a family member, close friend or acquiantance. That’s how powerfully influential these videos can be!

Our Efforts

We will keep you in the loop from the moment we start production until we finish. The entire process is completed remotely and we never have to come to your physical location so it makes it very easy and hassle free. The process will start in a movie studio where we  film the commercial. Using professional brand ambassadors, we will shoot the commercial remotely showing a customer (played by an actor) reading your amazing reviews out loud. The video will be punctuated with appropriate HD graphics and animation that will make your brand really pop onscreen.

However, we will not stop there. Once the video is ready, our SEO experts will optimize it ensuring it lands on page 1 of Google! It will then be broadcasted on multiple social media channels and video sharing websites such as YouTube propelling your brand’s reputation ahead of your competitors.

The SEO video commercial trend has taken the corporate world by storm and IYP Internet Marketing Solutions is the promotional video production team you need on your side to ensure you remain at the forefront.