Case Studies

Increase-Your-Profits-Cleancorp- Cleaning-Service-Success-Story

Cleancorp Cleaning Service Infusionsoft Success Story

Cleancorp, a cleaning service in Sydney, Australia, was founded by Lisa and Hamish 20 years ago. Though they had a burst in growth in their initial stages, they faced challenges with successfully converting leads and retaining customers. They lacked
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Infusionsoft Veterinarian Success Story

Infusionsoft Doubles Sales for TopDog Health TopDog Health Veterinary & Rehabilitation is a veterinarian and animal supplements provider in Connecticut. After using Infusionsoft to automate sales and marketing, the small business doubled its sal
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Increase-Your-Profits-How-Automated-Marketing-Helped -Dr-Burleson

Orthodontist Infusionsoft Success Story

How Automated Marketing Helped Dr. Burleson Dr. Dustin Burleson is an orthodontist who makes it more convenient for his clients to get a better smile by working on his patient’s schedule. Burleson Orthodontics tried a variety of simple solutions t
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IYP Doubles Conversion Rate, Dramatically Increasing Sales for Plastic Surgeon

Industry: Plastic Surgery Client Overview: An accomplished plastic surgeon who completed his residency at the prestigious The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center of Baltimore, Dr. Schreiber has been helping pati
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IYP Raises Ratings and Sales for Encinitas Dentist Office

Industry: Dentistry Client Overview: Dr. James Snow operates a moderately successful dentist office in Encinitas, CA. They attracted a fair number of new patients but suffered from a poor Yelp reputation as the bad reviews were being given disp
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IYP Bowls a Strike with Lucky Strike, Saving Over $300K Annually

Industry: Entertainment/Hospitality Expense Categories: Multiple Client Overview: Running over 21 locations across the US is hard work. So is monitoring your costs and making sure your not over spending for vendor provided services. Lucky St
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IYP Saves Hotel Chain $131,800 Annually in Health Insurance Expenses

Industry: Hotel Chain Expense Categories: Health Insurance Client Overview: This Hotel Chain offers all the amenities of a luxury resort. In addition to having some of the most beautiful and dramatic golf courses in the country, there are als
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IYP Gets Down with House of Blues by Providing $450K in Savings

Industry: Music/Entertainment/Hospitality Expense Categories: Multiple Client Overview: The House of Blues locations throughout the US were singing the blues due to local vendors charging exorbant fees and under performing. COO Don Watson k
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